Colours of Nature from Karolina Lampka

Colours of Nature is a series that has been created with either the help of direct sunlight or rain.

The paintings are highly vivid when exposed to direct sunlight. They are just happy, energetic and represent all colours of ... more


  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • 80 x 60 x 2 cm
  • Karolina Lampka
  • Sold

The “Jungle” is all about catching in the right amount of sunlight and let it reflects within its green colours. As within a real jungle, it is a bit messy as well as it is composed of many expressive colours. One one hand, it is said that green has a calming effect on the mind, but on the other hand due to its neon extras, the painting is very vibrant. Very much alive. Like in the jungle it is made of mana colours, many different sounds and even smells. One needs to open up all of ones senses to feel into this piece of art.

But most of all, it has been again created with the best intentions and thoughts of nature’s beauty. It is a statement piece, which stands out from even far away.

Some time already during my meditations, I have been seeing images of the wildness and jungle. This one is my first attempt to bring it down on canvas.

  • Subject Matter: abstract
  • Created: July 2020
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