Soo Shin: Paths Between Two Steps from GOLDFINCH

Please click on each image to see larger and additional views of the works.

Goldfinch is pleased to present “Paths Between Two Steps,” a solo exhibition of sculptures and a new series of drawings by Soo Shin.

Known for her enigmatic sculptures that often combine metals, ceramics, and wood, Shin explores the relationship between faith and uncertainty, giving physical form to psychological and ineffable experience. A muted palette of blacks and greys and slight reflective quality of the sculptures gently allude to the idea of an inner or outer void, like staring into the dark to find the dark staring back at you. While Shin’s works bear subtle or veiled traces of the body, they resist direct representations or narratives; instead, they exist as metaphorical, abstract gestures that mirror the vulnerability of trust or certainty, particularly in something that can’t be contained or singularly defined (like love, for instance). The meditative nature of Shin’s work invites responses as vast as the ways we remain mysterious to each other—and to ourselves.

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