PRIVATE ROOM for 20th Century Art + Design Auction For Cooprider Family Collection Ended Online.... from Cooprider Family Collection

.... but our “Private Room” for you to see the 36 artworks is still here! 11 Pieces SOLD. See artists ranging from Chile, Cienfuegos & Alfredo Jaar; to the Basque Country of Spain, Andres Nagel; to Italy and Africa, Diego Voci. But, mostly California artists, Billy Al Bengston, Laudenslager, Sullivan, Uribe, Crosthwaite, Bright, Baze, Bess, Lee and more. The common denominator: These pieces are truly unique in subject matter with distinct rendering of message. Subjects range from #immigration, #voting, #death in military by military, #African history, #Eco disaster, and artifacts from centuries to come.

Patti at 80 and Coop at 84 (Oct 26th) are seeking new homes for their treasures.

WARNING: It’s a bit crazy and perplexing to find the latest real-time bid, because all of our 36 works are on all the above auction outlets. Unbelievably, each site only records those THEY receive. NO CONSOLODATION OF BIDS EXISTS. Example: Artsy viewers have bids Moran can’t see, and Moran has bids not seen by Artsy viewers. Sounds like a business opportunity where a software designer for real-time results can become a millionaire. Secret to success is find a need and fill it.

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