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New Abstracts from Catherine Mansell

A selection of Abstract Paintings at Cooked Goose

Narragansett Wall

  • Encaustic, Oil, Paper, Ink
  • 36 x 12 x 1 in
  • $440.00
  • Catherine Mansell

Rhode Island artist Catherine Mansell is pleased to feature a collection of her artworks.
Catherine is an ink, oil, and wax artist who combines traditional Asian Ink painting with the ancient art of encaustic/ painting to beautiful and unique results. Her artistic process requires that many layers of wax are built up with repeated strokes using brushes, heat guns, ski wax irons, propane torches and Japanese carving tools. In addition to encaustic wax, other mediums include oil, cold wax, imported and handmade papers, Chinese watercolor, indigo dye and mica. Embedded in wax, or under glass, all the pieces are carefully designed with archival practices.

  • Created: 2021
  • Inventory Number: #1170
  • Current Location: Cooked Goose
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