Y. Hope Osborn
Wine Tasting by Y. Hope Osborn  Image: Fay Solais
Fay Solais

Wine Tasting

  • Digital photograph abstraction
  • 20 x 20 in
  • Y. Hope Osborn

What does passion in my art look like, I’m asked. Passion is not something I really feel except for toward those who are abused, misused, and misunderstood. However nature has always been a reprieve from life—and I’ve needed it that long. When I’m sitting alone in the woods with the rain or wind rustling in the trees I feel a quiet, a peace … It feels like my lungs are truly and fully expanding. When I had flowers year around to walk by on the way to or from my apartment I felt a momentary warmth. Going to the nursery twice a year delights me no end. I might as well be in Disneyland. I am at home and at rest among the flora of the world. It doesn’t support anybody or send a message or maybe even relate to you. However, all I can hope is that you feel warmth and rest in these artworks also.

I give you a series that is made up only of botanical photos and therefore is my heart—Fay Solais (pronounced su-lish) (Fairy Lights). They are unlike Kaleidoscope Captures which only incorporate flora with the sharing of cream, contrasting white of an orchid in every one.

These solais (Scottish Gaelic and Irish for lights. I have Scots-Irish on both sides of the family and red hair I inherited from a great grandmother to prove it, so no misappropriation) are different from the Kaleidoscopes because I didn’t first run the flora images through another app to begin the blend. This is purity of living things to digital abstract art. I also do not enhance or adjust any colors either before or after. These bold beautiful colors are the palette of the living earth.

  • Subject Matter: Abstract 2022
  • Created: March 2022
  • Collections: Fay Solais
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