Y. Hope Osborn
Ruffled by Y. Hope Osborn  Image: Textured series Ruffled
Textured series Ruffled

Collection: abstract Textured x

I was pondering what texture means for me as a 2D artist and spreading soft butter on cold pancakes. As I slid the knife across the pancakes it created rows of butter like cornfields. I thought it an example of texture, something that in a more solid form I could feel, like a blind person reading braille. But it wasn’t the butter so much as the rows without butter that created a texture. Turning to my art, I thought that for me to aim for texture, I needed to remove things--absence of light, such as shadow; absence of intensity, such as desaturated color, or as is the case with my plate of blueberries, absence of butter, so such as absence of image. Colors glow from within the covering of a vortex of black star-studded space, darkness lurks behind zippers, colors glow dimly behind walls of isolation. Voila, texture, but no point of entry to the artwork. Divide and conquer and you create patterns. Finally take a bite out of that pancake forming points of entry for 2D artwork to appear 3D.

  • Subject Matter: Digital photography abstraction 2021
  • Collections: abstract Textured
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