Y. Hope Osborn
Heartbeat by Y. Hope Osborn  Image: Pluma series
Pluma series


  • manipulated photograph 2022
  • 16 x 16 in
  • Y. Hope Osborn

I am invigorated, listening to trees rustled by the wind or tending my garden feeling riches between my fingers. In childhood, I began to photograph earth. Now, my passion extends to cultivating flor-art, such as Pluma.

I am drawn to the culture of Scots Irish as family heritage and for the Gaelic grounding to things of the earth. Pluma are manipulated photos of blooms of my, botanical, and wildflower gardens. In creating flor-art, I forever cultivate my passion and nature.

  • Subject Matter: Flora Still Life 2022
  • Created: March 2022
  • Collections: Pluma
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