Y. Hope Osborn

A fine autumn day in the height of color seemingly held aloft by a wooden pier--all of which draws around a brilliant red roof.

This piece is perspectivism in the way the eye is drawn forward in the image and expressionism in its heightening of particular elements of color for a subjective approach to the subject.

This glorious sky and pier are at Lake Dardanelle, Arkansas, USA. The red roof is true and harmonizes with the faint color of autumn revealed in the background.

Most of my art is inspired by the impressiveness of the detail of heritage architecture itself. I heighten those aspects people pass every day without noticing to remind us of our inherent need for artistic creativity even in functional building.

Web Licensing: https://www.artmajeur.com/en/yhosborn/artworks/13479482/autumn-at-dardanelle

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