• Oil On Canvas
  • 72 x 98 in
  • xuanlin ye

The inspiration for painting “wow” came from a sign over a church near my studio that says “Christ died for our sins.” And next to it is a McDonald’s sign and every day when I go to studio I would see them, and I was drawn to the contrast of the two opposition parties. One day I took the picture and incorporated it into the painting. I was also very interested in vaporwave, an online music and art movement that often takes on consumer capitalism and popular culture. I took those images and one image of myself and put them into one large image. “Wow” is a painting about the question of modern mentality, the question of “you are special” and the conflict of old god/religion to new. The question of our self-obsession culture we have in today’s culture. The celebration of impending doom is happening in the painting with all the cheery color and figures are just standing there with a sense of anticipating something to happen.

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