black arches

  • Oil and Ink On Canvas
  • 72 x 48 in
  • xuanlin ye

A large body of water in Buddhism often represents the idea of suffering, there is a saying of “The sea of bitterness has no bounds, repent and the shore is at hand.”
The figures in the paintings are floating aimlessly, some towards the middle gate. And some have a little gate on them but nevertheless, they are all still in the sea of bitterness. The idea of dukkha(bitterness) and the question of existence and human condition is the main theme in this painting.
In the painting, I use a light wash of ink to creates an atmosphere of space, then I use brushes to paint waves and line represents different water. The figures in the painting are inspired by Syrian refugee photos. The black circle in the painting represents an idea of a gate/arches that is a passage to nirvana or better place. also represents a life saver.

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