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Into the Light

Whitewall - On Site Exhibition

Ready to Play

  • Pit pen, wood burner and watercolour on paper (Framed)
  • 86 x 64.8 x 38 cm
  • AU$1,300.00
  • Manjula Atukorala

The artwork is a drawing done with pigmented pen, wood burner and water color on Somerset paper. It is an inspiration from a daily sport activity that takes place at home during the current Melbourne lockdown. Too much screen time with daily online learning and gaming is unhealthy. A family game like ping pong uplifts the child's spirits and lights up his otherwise mundane routine with more color and excitement. It also encourages close family interaction and happiness in times of long lockdowns since children are restricted to home and unable to follow their aspirations in team sport. In these times, spending time with children boosts their mental health and physical well being.

  • Current Location: Whitewall
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