Whitewall Art Projects

Into the Light

Whitewall - On Site Exhibition

Imaginata Australis V / Into the Light

  • Giclee print, encaustic, grit, oxide, paper carving (Framed)
  • 120 x 120 x 4 cm
  • AU$7,500.00
  • Clayton John

I've been crippled by mental health issues and for me the salvation of the situation was the will, exercising it and believing in it's redemptive quality. Particularly now, adrift on the lash and spray of COVID-19 its so easy to slip into that morass, and forget our capacity and capability. It may not be everyone's salvation but engaging the will was mine .... the poem that is etched into the work is reflective of this positive intent:
Abscond, Consciously
the raw nihilism
and futility.
Dream dreams
of will.
Create the space
once derided
as utopian,
Now beckoned,
hewn from
amongst the pressing shadows cold.
Thru deliberate
inviolable acts
of many minds.

  • Current Location: Whitewall
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