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Whitewall - On Site Exhibition


David Fyfe is a 2002 Bali bombing survivor. He lost his leg, sustained 60% burns, severe shrapnel injury, was in a coma for 13 days and nearly lost his life. During his 3 months in hospital, while receiving multiple operations and numerous skin grafts, he made a decision to focus all his energy only on getting well. With the mantra “self-pity is not an option”, he rebuilt his body, his spirit and his life with remarkable determination and tenacity. Today David is an executive manager, a non-executive director and a keynote/motivational speaker.

I met David through a colleague of his and was absolutely inspired by his incredible story. As he sat down in my studio, white T-shirt against the white wall, the painting revealed itself. The simplicity and luminosity of all the white, framing the face, would allow sensitive brush strokes to tell the story of courage, willpower and strength; of mending and healing. Over three sittings I came face to face with his quiet determination and presence. Painting David made me realise how precious and fleeting life is and how arbitrary- determined by random choice and whim, but vulnerability and adversity holds the gift of tremendous growth. David epitomizes the incredible resilience of the human spirit and its capacity for transcendence.

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