Varouján Hovakimyan

Possibility Space

  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • 24 x 18 x 0.625 in
  • Varouján Hovakimyan
  • Available

Acrylic on stretched canvas.

This painting was inspired by a mathematical construct called Sample Space. In probability theory, the sample space (also called sample description space or possibility space) of an experiment or random trial is the set of all possible outcomes or results of that experiment.

The artist's goal was to create an abstract piece representing something that is very precise such as mathematics. But, instead of numbers and formulas, he used colors shapes and marks.

"My artistic process is my special kind of superpower that allows me to express feelings and thoughts through forms, colors and shapes. I want my viewers to feel my paintings instead of trying to understand them using a thought process. Ultimately, I want them to feel a thought. For me, this captures the essence of artistic truth."

  • Subject Matter: Abstract, Abstract Expressionism
  • Created: 2021
  • Collections: Acrylic
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