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En Plein Air Abstration is a suite of videos related to Jacolby Satterwhite’s En Plein Air: Music of Objective Romance, a concept album reversely scored by 9 videos derived from themes such as blockbuster movie tropes, disaster films, erasure, queer eroticism, and other hero/anti-hero genres. Like much of Satterwhite’s work, this piece weaves together performance, animation, and personal ephemera. He often begins his work by building on his sketches made by his schizophrenic mother made of household or cosmetic products. They are then incorporated into a virtual world filled with family videos and recordings of the artist dancing. By placing himself a virtual world, Satterwhite attempts to negate the history, politics and anxiety embedded in objects. His futuristic works nod to Afro-futurism and suggest a posthuman somewhat utopian reality.

  • Inventory Number: 3688
  • Current Location: Collection Storage
  • Collections: New Media
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