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Gifts of Art presents When a Book Becomes Art: Mixed Media by Point of View Book Arts Group

  • June 06, 2022 - December 02, 2022
Gifts of Art Gallery - Rogel Cancer Center, Elevator Alcove Level 2 - On Site Exhibition

Point of View (POV) Book Arts Group is comprised of seven regional artists who create artist’s books. Artists have long used the book form as inspiration for creating art objects that range from traditional to experimental pieces. The results often challenge popular notions of what a book is, and these books are sometimes jokingly called BSOs or book-shaped objects. All members of the group are working artists in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area, and several are currently, or have been, teaching artists.

Group Statement

In writing about artists’ books, it is a bit difficult to know where to begin. The term gives rise to much heated discussion among book artists, and many make the point that it should come with a warning label. The instant you use the term artists’ books, you better be ready to define it and then defend it! For me, ‘book inspired art’ is a good starting place.

A strong case can be made that artists’ books, sometimes jokingly called BSOs (book-shaped objects), blossomed as an artistic vehicle in the 20th century. This artistic vehicle explores the myriad possibilities found in materials that are common, yet uncommon, simple yet sophisticated, sometimes raw, but always transformed.

For the artists in this show, the interpretation of “book” often goes beyond the traditional structure. These artists’ books have layers, both physical and conceptual, and engage the viewer in a dialogue. Some of the pieces you’ll find on display will be recognizable as books, others less so.

Please join us as we explore the often whimsical, sometimes serious, world of book arts.

Participating artists include: Ruth Bardenstein, Barbara Brown, Dick Cruger, Alvey Jones, Karen Anne Klein, Arno Klein, Valerie Mann & Mike Sivak.

- Barbara Brown

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