Tina Psoinos

In Fashion Black Circle 3

  • Mixed Media
  • 12.4 x 12.4 x 4.9 in
  • Tina Psoinos

Fashion is linked to art and design, life style, and behavior. This series is an exploration of fashion trends over the years and the empowerment it offers to the women wearing them. It is created using printed upcycled paper with images sourced from magazines, etc, acrylic, oil pastel or chalk, coffee grounds and silk petals. A papier-mache butterfly and acrylic dome completes the work,adding a 3D element. Each artwork includes a dry cleaner’s tag. Signed and dated on verso. Ready to hang encased in an acrylic dome. The series comes in a variety of 4 different frames.

  • Subject Matter: Fashion
  • Collections: 3 Fashion
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