Tina Psoinos

Beetle Blue - Limited Edition 1 of 2

  • 40 x 30 x 0.75 in
  • Tina Psoinos

This body of work explores recurring layers of memory and reflections on time while engaging the viewer in a playful array of color and shape, allowing for their own particular associations to come through.
Distant, fragmented, early childhood memories consist of father’s first 2CV (Deux Chevaux by Citroen). With the whole image of the car being absent from the memory layers, small, blurred details of it sketch a new whole. These passive items from my unconscious are attributed to my two years of age, at the time.
Years later, a family summer theater viewing proved to have embedded another impression. The Love Bug, a 1968 movie, where the protagonist, Herbie the race car, was a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle.
The recollection of these memories of the 2CV and the Beetle have compelled me to photograph cars, old an new, as an on-going project. My desire to remember the whole encourages the creation of different arrangements from fragments of the cars I photograph. Signed and numbered on verso. Laminated Print mounted on masonite and ready to hang from wood cleats for a floating effect. Tetraptych each panel 15x20. Ships in a box. Other sizes and colors available.

Beetle Blue - Limited Edition 1 of 2
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