Thomas Stevens

Cedar Walk Beckoning 36.074772N 79.100875W

  • Oil On Canvas
  • 30 x 30 x 1.5 in
  • Thomas Stevens
  • Sold

Collection: Hillsborough Landscapes x

Cedar Lane - aka the 
Old Cedar Walk - has served as a pedestrian short-cut between King Street and Margaret Lane, since defined as such by a line of cedar trees planted 200 years ago. Four of the original trees still remain, with new cedars recently planted for future generations to enjoy. A lovely garden graces the north entrance to the walk.

"Coming south down Cedar Lane after dark, there's a view of my house with the porch light on and the old cedars in the foreground. It has the feeling of darkness, night, perhaps a tiny suggestion of peril and the warm and welcoming porch light, the yellow siding and red shutters, offering shelter, a little oasis beckoning.  Hanging from a branch of the cedar are the old green-hazed tubes of a set of wind-chimes that my deceased brother gave me, that speak to me of him. " ~ David Payne, author

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