Tammy Taylor

Praus ( Strength Tempered by Reverence)

  • oil on canvas
  • 14 x 14 x 0.75 in
  • C$980.00
  • Tammy Taylor

This painting is a little different from my usual style as I wanted to ghost in an eagle behind the main subject that was a more powerful image of it screeching, while the main image portrays the eagle humbly over its fish. I wanted the eagle to appear to have reverence for the meal it was about to receive. Thus the name "Praus" which is greek for 'Strength Tempered by Reverence or Strength Under Control". While I was studying the picture I had photographed of this eagle, all I could think about was so much power and strength and yet so much control, and I was driven to find a way to bring that out on the canvas.

  • Subject Matter: wildlife
  • Current Location: Taylor'd Creations Gallery
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