Tammy Taylor

For The Love of Creation

  • oil on birch panel
  • 20 x 16 x 0.25 in
  • Tammy Taylor

I painted this self portrait at first as a challenge from a fellow artist, but when I thought about what would be significant about it, it began to be important to me to convey something special and meaningful to me at the same time. Since I love all God's Creation so much that I could never run out of His beautiful subjects to paint and I equally love to create myself, I decided to paint me painting. The reference photo was significant as it was the first time I did live demo painting for Artists for Conservation. It was at the Vancouver Convention Center and behind me was my great inspiration and role model of my youth, Robert Bateman' s painting. This day was such a big day for me as I was honoured to not only be there but have my work hanging in this show with the worlds best wildlife artists.

  • Subject Matter: self portrait
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