Sybil Atteck (1911-1975)

Sybil Atteck's Artworks in Private Collections

Please share with me information about your precious Sybil Atteck Artworks

Dear Owner/Collector of Sybil Atteck artworks,

I am searching for original artworks of Sybil Atteck to add to a comprehensive digital archive of her artworks. For many artworks I have images that are not of sufficient quality to include in an art catalogue. I need high quality images to be able to include the artwork in any publication. Additionally, I need the physical and descriptive details of the artworks and a history of ownership to maintain the artwork provenance. Please let me know if you or a friend has a Sybil Atteck artwork. I can provide a document with the information that I need.

When artworks are in private collections they are generally lost to public viewing. Additionally, other family members inheriting the artworks do not know who the artist was or the value of the artworks. Adding images and details of them to the Sybil Atteck artwork archive is a way to capture knowledge of her artworks, include them in publications, and ultimately improve their value to collectors and art enthusiasts. Additionally, the artwork may be included in prestigious art publications and draw interest in the artwork, when and if you wish to sell the artwork.

You can message me from the following page

I look forward to hearing from you if you have, or know who owns a Sybil Atteck artwork.

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