Sybil Atteck (1911-1975)

Sybil Atteck's Artwork at the Times Art Centre in Berlin, Germany

Sybil Atteck continues to impress the public with her artworks.

Sybil Atteck's Artwork at the Times Art Centre in Berlin, Germany

In 2021 Sybil Atteck was selected and included a beautiful exhibition entitled Más Allá, el Mar Canta (Beyond, the Sea Sings) - Diasporic Intimacies and Labor, that was held from September to December in Berlin, Germany.

For more information on the exhibition you can use this URL below.

The artwork included in this exhibition was "Girl in Costume". This artwork was completed just after Sybil completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. It represents the level of artistic skill she achieved at that time.

The majority of Sybil Atteck's best artworks were sold over the years and are held in private collections around the world. Even though these artworks are valuable family possessions, they should be seen by the public. When you contribute you Sybil Atteck artwork to the Sybil Atteck Biography Project you are contributing to a better understanding of Sybil's artistic repertoire. This collection of images will become a key resource to help the next generation of artists study the history of Trinidad and Tobago art, and the Caribbean artistic expression.

Inclusion of your artwork in the art database will also help in documenting the art provenance, or history, and assist in the research of the collective artworks for the study of art history of the Caribbean.