Susi Schuele

Keep Yourself Alive

  • Colored Stain on Cradled Wood
  • 24 x 24 x 1.5 in
  • $775.00
  • Susi Schuele

"Now they say your folks are telling you
Be a super star
But I tell you just be satisfied
Stay right where you are
Keep yourself alive yeah..."

I created this series and struggled to title it initially. But when the Artist was selected and the titles cam, they worked completely. Unique, bold, and yet consistent in their message, the abstract, the sublime, the powerful strokes of color through the grain of wood tell the story of how we are all different yet the same. Many of Freddy Mercury's songs told the same message... Keep Yourself Alive, don't mind his "Innuendo" and stay the course with "This Kind of Magic".

  • Subject Matter: Abstract
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