Reina's Last Goose

  • Oil on Archival Canvas Panel
  • 12 x 24 in
  • $1,150.00
  • Susan F Greaves

Reina was my son's beloved Labrador retriever who was his companion through thick and thin. As a puppy, she enthusiastically retrieved the "dummy" and danced when he said the word "training". They made many trips hunting in the area around Portland, Oregon. When she aged and became stiff with arthritis, the family was living in St. Paul, Oregon, where agricultural fields drew flocks of ducks and geese. On this Thanksgiving Day in November, this flight of Canada geese landed in the neighboring field and the pair went out for her last retrieval. I'll never forget how proudly she returned with the goose, her pain forgotten and looking like a puppy again. (Later, when viewing the photos I took, I realized that I had actually caught the fall of that goose. Can you see it?)

  • Subject Matter: Landscape, St. Paul, Oregon
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