A Summer Day

  • Oil on Raymar canvas panel
  • 11 x 14 in
  • $850.00
  • Susan F Greaves

Mary Lake Park, near my home, is not precisely groomed. Instead it has a variety of natural views and vegetation that is sometimes rebellious. It offers promise for a wide variety of painting subjects and is a favorite spot of mine. This old oak shows its age with grace and unexpected sparkle.

"A Summer Day" -- 11" x 14" -- Oil -- 2013 -- Artist's Permanent Collection

After all the fire damage in 2018, many more trees for miles around were broken and down because of a heavy snow. One of my favorite painting spots, Mary Lake, was devastated (again) and, in years to come, will be offering a whole new panorama.

This monumental tree was reduced to twisted, broken limbs, upturned roots, and chainsawed sections. The area behind it looked as if an enormous chain had spun through it, pulverizing the brush. The heavy, wet snow had incredible power.

  • Subject Matter: Landscape, Redding
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