Susan Clare

Coral Gardens 2

  • acrylic on canvas
  • 60 x 42 x 2 cm
  • NFS
  • Susan Clare

Collection: Animals & Wildlife x

Small fishes and invertebrate life on a coral reef. The delicate, gently waving arms of the feather stars and crinoids and distant soft corals provide an almost abstract backdrop for the brightly coloured tiny fish. The Queen Angelfish is the star of the show and the colony of purple sponges create interesting opportunities for texture and pattern.

The painting is quite impressionistic and has rich tones, glowing lime greens, oranges and dark blues and purples, applied with large flat brushes and gestural brushstrokes. There is texture created underneath the painting with gesso, creating the intriguing patterns of branching corals and gorgonia.

Painted on a quality stretched canvas, with the sides painted a dark teal-grey, this painting is ready to hang or can be framed by the collector for a more finished look.

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