• 6-color screen print
  • 24 x 18 in
  • Sonnenzimmer

Exhibition history: Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago

This print was created for the Chicago Cultural Center's 2012 exhibit "Pulled, Pressed & Printed: The Flag and Seal Revisited" and is the companion piece to our large-scale collage and screen printed work, "Urbs in Horto", which was also created for the exhibit. "Shikaakwa" is a Native American word for the wild leek, which is very common in this area. "Chicago" was derived from that very word. For the exhibit, artists were asked to re-imagine/explore the city flag and seal. It's apparent that our city was founded on vast areas of Native American land. Wherever you go, you hear those traces. The beautiful sounds of that language persist, reminding us all, that any celebration of American cities ought to have a gesture of real acknowledgement to that past and how we could honor it better going forward.

  • Subject Matter: Abstract / Representational
  • Created: 2012
  • Collections: Prints
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