Laura Brady

My five hounds 2

  • Painted and fm quilting
  • 20 x 20 x 0.75 in
  • Laura Brady
  • Sold

This quilted portrait of my five hounds captures the whimsical, sweet and silly nature of the breed. Greyhounds are each unique and special in looks and in personality, and this quilted painting captures that variety while also reflecting the soulful sincerity they all have in common. Sighthound lovers know well what makes these graceful creatures so hard to resist no matter their size or color. We love them all!

The portrait depicts the pooches currently asleep on my couch (Big Mike, Nacho, Candy Corn, Chocky, and Mona Lisa), but if you love skinny dogs, I'm sure you'll recognize your own doggo here.

The figures in the piece are based on a design by Meg Dwyer Skiba* (used by permission). I started by tracing the outlines on black cotton fabric with a white crayon. I used fabric to create the dogs' bodies and faces and fused the fabric together with applique. Then I filled in the details with Lumiere metallic fabric paint. It's hard to capture the iridescence of the paint in a photograph, but it's truly stunning. Next, I add batting and free-motion quilt an original design with Isacord thread to add texture and dimensionality.

The entire painted, quilted piece is then mounted on a 20 x 20 x 3/4" canvas, and I staple a piece of black fabric edging to the stretcher bars on the back.

  • Subject Matter: Greyhound
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