Simon Boyd

The Great Lament

  • Oil On Canvas
  • 112 x 144 x 5 cm
  • $1,200.00
  • Simon Boyd

Collection: Religious x

I wanted to create a pastoral scene reminiscent of the renaissance period with the sunset mountains in the background with two scene's from Caravaggio; the 'Ecstasy of Saint Francis' and 'Saint Francis in Meditation' in the foreground. I have used the symbolism of the flowers to represent the transience of life set in contrast with the skull. Similar to my paintings of knights, I have a protagonist, a hero, who in this case is Saint Francis. He is a saviour-like figure who offers a faint flicker of hope in a world of impending darkness.

  • Subject Matter: Landscape, classical
  • Created: 2012
  • Collections: Religious

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