What is Neo-sculpaintism?

A contemporary approach to blending painting and sculpture, to breaking down the boundaries so that both elements exists in a single work of art.

What is Neo-sculpaintism?

NEO-SCULPAINTISM can include sculpted elements, pre-made objects, and handmade elements. The sculptural aspect or aspects can refer to any three-dimensional element or elements in the artwork; however, it does not include a work that is merely a painted sculpture. Additionally, Bas-relief elements would not, by themselves, qualify a work as Neo-sculpaintism. 

Items attached to paintings might include any of the formal aspects of art: shape, color, texture, composition, and any combination of these elements.

A NEO-SCULPAINTIST artist defies the traditional idea that an artist sticks to one medium or style. A Neo-sculpaintist artist sees beyond what others have decided should be the limits of art.

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