Satiric Art

Bob Clarke MAD Magazine #60 Cover Paintings Original Art Group of 2 (EC, 1961). The Usual Gang of Idiots hedged their bets on the winner of the 1960 election. Both John Kennedy and Richard Nixon got covers announcing their big win on this flip-book. Dated January 1961, this issue would have hit the stands in November of 1960, just after the election was decided. The issue was a flip-book so retailers can flip it to use whichever cover was appropriate. Amazingly enough, these are two complete paintings... no stat, no corners cut. They are simply amazing images of JFK and Tricky Dicky.... and that grinning idiot, Alfred E. Neuman. Each painting has an image area of approximately 16.25" x 18.5". There are some nail holes in the empty spaces of the image area that were used to hold the boards in place during production. Each is signed by Clarke and then glass front framed to 21" x 23". The boards are lightly toned, otherwise, in Excellent condition. From the Eric Sack Collection.

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