Sarah-Alice Miles

Green and Gold Wardrobe

  • wood
  • $105.00
  • Sarah-Alice Miles

🎈Wooden wardrobe furniture for dollhouse or doll room

🎈Fully hand finished, special paint effects producing an enamel like finish on the sides and front. A unique piece

🎈The paint colors are gold turquoise and purple. The paint is layered and takes several days to produce the effect- there lots of time waiting for paint to dry. It takes me four days to produce a piece like this - each side has to be painted separately and has to dry before beginning on the next side - its slow

🎈Wood finish a plum mahogany

🎈Piece is likely from 1940s (I believe). I like to use old pieces where I can as the craftsmanship was often better. The wardrobe is in excellent condition

🎈Wardrobe doors open and inside four shelves and a clothes rod for hanging long items. Draws at the base do not open, for effect only

🎈13.2 cm high x 8.5 wide and 4.4 deep

🎈Hinges and handle are metal

  • Subject Matter: decor
  • Created: July 16, 2020
  • Inventory Number: SAM/Min/2020/wardrobe green
  • Collections: DollHouse Furniture
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