Where Wildflowers Grow

Vickie Marsango is a contemporary abstract artist and instructor at the Vero Beach Museum of Art and Atlantic Center for the Arts. She offers Abstract Expressionism, Creative Painting, Encaustics, and Mixed Media courses and workshops. Creating paintings that establish harmonious arrangements of mark-making, tonal values, colors, and shapes, with an emphasis on theories of visual weight, define her well balanced compositions. She enthusiastically employs proportional relationships, informed decision making, and spontaneity in her painting practices. Marsango is intrigued by interior design, seascapes, landscapes, nature, poetry, and music. Due to the intentional breakdown of shapes and forms, by the use of expressive drawing, the lines and colors observed in everyday life transpose into abstraction. Marsango’s work is currently represented by The Vault at 1930 art gallery in the historic San Marco area of Jacksonville, Florida and Sandra Morgan Interiors of Greenwich, Connecticut and Village Shops in Vero Beach. In addition, a few of Vickie’s paintings are currently on view at the newly opened Oodles design shop in Vero Beach where Sandra Morgan Art Gallery is on exhibit.

  • Subject Matter: abstract
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