Vim Vitae

Putnam's painting "Vim Vitae" is part of her new "Alternate Energy" series, which explores sub-atomic particles and the ongoing mystery, composition, and pulse of life. Says Penny, "following the premise that everything on Earth is made of the same 'stuff," and is fueled by some universal energy, my work paints an approachable and thrilling interpretation of what I envision that energy would look like if it were visible." Aptly titled from the Latin as Life Force, Putnam imagines space and energy as white, open, airy, effervescent, and full of bright, vibrant mystery. This painting is unframed, with sides that are thoughtfully finished, pristine, and presentation-ready. The abundance of white negative space in this canvas gives a fresh, contemporary feel.

Penny Putnam entices the viewer with her extraordinary sense of color, informed graphic design and deft use of watercolor and mixed media. An award winning abstract painter working on paper or canvas, she teases us with shapes and compositions that are unanticipated. Soft, colorful forms are articulated and enriched to create a densely layered surface reflecting the mystery and beauty of our environment. Putnam’s paintings can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. and is in the collection of the Smilow Hospital in New Haven, CT.

  • Subject Matter: abstract
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