Artist: Mary Morant x

This skillfully-executed painting depicts a moment of calm set along the banks of the water. A sturdy, white, anchored dingy bobs mid-water, set against a scene of reeds or land on a sunny, summer day. Glistening dabs of light reflect off the water, appearing as undulating flecks of shimmering cream among the deep, moody tones of the water. The painting is framed in a crisp white frame, complimenting the simplicity and purity of the universally-appealing boating scene.

Mary Morant is an award winning abstract/realistic Connecticut painter whose inspiration comes from living by the water and being surrounded by the colors of nature and it’s ever changing light. The influence of the French and Dutch Masters is evident in her work having lived in France and Holland for six years and studying painting there after receiving a BFA from the University of Georgia. Morant's work can be found in private collections in the U.S. and Europe.

  • Subject Matter: landscape

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