Brass Rail

Artist: Michael Fiedler x

When describing his paintings, Michael Fiedler explains that they "typically consist of varying shades of primary colors that complement each other and create a powerful, ascending spirit of hope and optimism. The colors meld, intersect and diverge, they symmetrically rise and expand like sturdy beams."

Once he completes a painting, Fielder has an unusual and fascinating approach to giving it a title. Fiedler's favorite number is 55 and his favorite author is Jack Kerouac, so he selects a word or phrase that jumps out on him from page 55 of one of his well-worn Kerouac books.

Michael Fiedler is an abstract painter producing work in oil on oil paper. Already an accomplished award-winning photographer whose career began over 30 years ago while traveling the world, his creativity grew through interactions with people in diverse cultures. The rich hues of Michael’s pieces are produced by progressively saturating the surface of the paper with layers of pigment. He continues the process by blotting, scoring and scraping the surface to create an enriched tapestry of colors that echo and resonate with one another. His paintings have a modern look, with linear, bold, clean features that complement spaces with similar design elements. His paintings can be found in private collections across Connecticut and New York.

  • Framed: 42.6 x 34.6 in
  • Subject Matter: abstract

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