Sabrina Frey

Spark - Bald Eagle

  • Glass Bead mosaic
  • 22 x 23 in
  • $4,000.00
  • Sabrina Frey

Collection: nature x

It does'nt get any more majestic than this.  Spark is looking right at you with knowledge and intent, his feathers shimmer off the light enhancing the various shades of browns and whites used to create him.  He's large and commands a presence.  You will be amazed at the level of detail down to the miniscul feathers (beads) that surround his eye each on placed with purposed for color and reflection.  Created on an upcycled cabinet door with a wood grain background and framed in bronze finish.
Image Size = 22" x 23"
Frame Size = 25" x 26"

  • Framed: 25 x 26 in
  • Subject Matter: Bird
  • Inventory Number: 2027
  • Collections: Animals, nature
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