Sabrina Frey

Butterfly Explosion 01

  • Glass Bead mosaic
  • 40 x 24 in
  • $5,760.00
  • Sabrina Frey

Collection: Animals x

Butterfly Explosion is just as it’s title implies it is an explosion of various butterfly and moths in every color and pattern imaginable. Each one is a piece of art based on an actual type of species and has their own personality. Details include gemstones, crystals, metal accents, and unimaginable colors and types of beads. This 24x40 piece took approximately 100 hours and 246,000 beads to create. Framed in a black frame.

  • Framed: 42 x 26 in
  • Subject Matter: Butterfly and moth Collage
  • Inventory Number: 1611
  • Collections: Animals, Explosion, nature
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