Rockville Art League

Rockville Art League Juried Members Winter Show 21/22

  • December 05, 2021 - January 14, 2022
On Site Exhibition

The Rockville Art League hosts two large juried member shows a year in a variety of mediums and styles. This winter we are honored to have renowned artist Christine Lashley as our judge.
This show is on exhibit at the Glenview Mansion Art Gallery opening Sunday, December 5 through Friday, January 14.

Remarks from judge Christine Lashley:
Thank you, Rockville Art League, for inviting me to jury your exhibition. I enjoyed seeing the diversity of work (and media) presented by the members, and the visual voice that carried through when an artist submitted multiple entries.

I judged this show in several ways. First, I glanced at all the work to see what struck me for visual impact. Secondly, I spent more time on each image looking at design, value, color, the balance of unity/variety, and the presentation of the ‘big idea’ or cohesion of a concept. Thirdly, I judged the same entries of each artist against the other. Very few artists have 2 pieces in the show, most artists have only 1. Several hours over several days were spent judging this show. Some work stood out from the beginning, others that attracted me at first glance did not hold as much power with subsequent viewings. As I write this many weeks later, I can still pull up in my mind the award winners’ dynamic images. This shows the potential power of a visual on the human brain that we all hope to achieve.

Successful art is born from a strong personal viewpoint. Congratulations to all who submitted art, as it takes courage to submit your art to a juried event. Awards and rejection are part of this process and this is never an easy task for the judge or the participating artists.

Christine Lashley

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