Rockville Art League

Rockville Art League: 2021 Spring Juried Art Exhibit

  • May 16, 2021 - September 12, 2021
Online Exhibition

The Rockville Art League hosts two large juried member shows a year in a variety of mediums. This spring we were grateful to have Dr. Renee Sandell as our judge.
This show is now on exhibit at the Glenview Mansion Art Gallery beginning July 15. A "Meet the Artists" event will be on Sunday, September 12, 1:30-3:30pm at closing. Glenview hours are 9:00am-4:30pm Monday- Friday.

Dr. Renee Sandell's judge's statement:
I am deeply honored to be guest juror of The Rockville Art League Spring 2021 Member’s Show.
In viewing the wide range of visual explorations and processes, categorized by oils and acrylics, watercolors, pastels and drawings, mixed media, collage, and experimental, sculpture, photographs, my goal was to look deeply and listen carefully to the expression of each artist’s “visual voice”—its clarity, passion, depth, and relevance in 2021.

As an artist and educator, I am concerned with a Balanced Way of Seeing… the Form, Theme, and Context which I call Form+Theme+Context (FTC). Perhaps some of you heard my October 1, 2020 RAL presentation using FTC to explore Resilience as revealed in Hokusai’s The Great Wave and our Pandemic lives. I use FTC to decode a work of art in search of discovering its deepest meanings. As I reviewed the wide range of submissions, I sought to understand these pieces by discerning the following qualities:
• Formal Qualities including actual composition, art elements, design principles, size, scale, use of media, processes, technique, skills, and style.
• Thematic Qualities including the concepts, subject matter (people, places, and/or things) expressed through the artist’s unique point of view, along with relationships to ideas in art history, literature, and other subjects.
• Contextual Qualities including the fact that these submissions were created, submitted, and reviewed during this time of Pandemic isolation and its aftermath, while seeking the significance and relevance of this artwork.

Ultimately it is the combination of how each artist’s Form+Theme+Context work together to create a uniquely powerful visual statement that will deeply engage the viewer in thought and feeling.

Congratulations to all RAL members for contributing to such a special spring art exhibition. Honestly, because it was hard to choose award winners with so many inspirational images revealing personal vision and skills, I want to emphatically encourage everyone to keep creating and showing your artwork.

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