Rockville Art League

Fairweather Artists

On Site Exhibition
  • Ingrid Matuszewski x

Painting is a newfound passion. I came to it in mid-life after a first career in International Education and several years spent living and working in Japan. As my two boys reached elementary and middle school I began taking plein air painting classes and have studied and painted furiously for the past several years.

I love painting, both plein-air and in my home studio (sunporch). My approach is to paint what makes me happy, or calls my attention, in a very loose and carefree style. I paint mostly in oils but in in Fall of 2019 I began experimenting with abstract acrylics.

When not plein air painting in the greater Washington, DC area, most of my art inspirations reflect my love of the Virginia countryside; farms, barns, winding country roads, open space, trees, creeks, rivers and pastures. In particular I have deep roots and connections to Madison and Rockbridge Counties, Virginia and those landscapes inspire me.

In creating I first try to connect with my subject, capture the energy of the place or living being, and transfer that into the painting itself. I do not draw first but dive right into the painting and mold the shapes and colors as I move across the canvas. I do tend to paint quickly as I do not feel bound by technique. As I paint I usually hold an intention for the painting, especially if a painting is meant for a particular person. I hope that my work will always bring joy.

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