For Those in Captivity

Framed Dimension (frame is a house shape) 36” x 25”

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Free curbside/local pick-up is available for this piece

Artist Statement:
"Through my richly colored etchings, woodcuts and paper constructions I symbolically explore how we can thrive in the gap between life as it is and life as it ought to be. In my work the paradoxical architecture of existence is often populated with disappointment and resentment, but also hope and purpose—with a dash of wit. Also a writer, I compose poems that accompany each piece. The art and poetry in unison create a meditative journey, urging the viewer to delve deeper into personal motivations and desires.

Inspired by travels through Europe and Asia, I utilize aspects of architecture, planning, mapmaking and geometry to examine how the built environment is a reflection and interpretation of the internal psychological environment. The underlying geometry provides structure and a frame of reference and represents eternal truths that transcend individual existence and circumstances. In architecture, the geometric framework of a building consists of its structural system. Just as this system plays a major part in determining the spatial and formal expression of the architecture, in my work, the geometry often dictates the placement of elements. In contrast, while the latitudinal and longitudinal lines of a map provide a reference system for the topography, the topography, like the entire natural world, does not conform to the human-defined order. Life is simultaneously fluid and fixed. Every moment is filled with choices. Every choice builds on the consequences of the choices made before and intertwines with the choices of others.

Employing symbolic vocabulary, I elucidate common human struggles. My works highlight the uniqueness and significance of the individual and the interdependence of humanity. Mankind’s creative and destructive powers contrast with its ultimate frailty and powerlessness. Repeatedly printing and modifying my prints mimics how humans constantly reconstruct self-image, social bonds and adapt to change. For example, altering the color of a woodblock print can highlight a different quality of the image depicted and change our perception of it. In other works, I more drastically alter an image by folding, cutting, sewing and reassembling my prints. Through revealing the breaking and mending process of our individual and collective brokenness, my art offers an invitation to live more fully.

I have exhibited nationally and internationally, and my works are in private and public collections including the Milwaukee Art Museum, The Warehouse – Shannon Serr Permanent Collection, American Family Insurance, Promega Corporation, Summit Credit Union, and the University of Wisconsin. I received my Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Cornell University. I live in Madison, Wisconsin with my husband, two sons and a 30” x 60” etching press. "

  • Framed: 36 x 25 in
  • Subject Matter: We often live truncated lives of self imposed limitations, unable to see that the cages that we have put around ourselves are open, the bars are wide and the lock is not fast.
  • Collections: Print by Print
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