Dance of Morning Light

8" x 6"

Shipping available for $20
Free curbside/local pick up is available for this piece

Artist Statement:
"Journeys in the natural world, where consciousness is sharpened, serve as a springboard for my art. Whether across an ocean or in a nearby garden, I look and see at a deeper level in each environment, seeking images. Slowing down outside causes the sight to saturate in my memory.

Photographs and subsequent paintings recreate and enhance the emotion of the sights encountered. Colors, animals, and landscapes are revisited while I paint. With my art, I invite viewers to travel with me.

My latest series visit parks in Wisconsin, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Africa and the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. In these cases, I was in search of animals.

The monarch images are from hikes in two preserves in Michoacán, Mexico. The monarchs of the Midwest US winter there on the fir trees.

I strive to travel and see animals in the most eco conscious ways possible, hoping to inspire others to enjoy and protect the earth for all of us and future generations."

  • Subject Matter: The morning light is entering the gardens at Claude Monet's home in Giverny, France. This was painted during a week working at the property on an artist's pass.
  • Collections: Print by Print
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