Artist Statement:

"I create bold and graphic works by combining linocut and silkscreen printmaking techniques. I enjoy juxtaposing brightly colored paper and jet black printmaking ink to create a sharp contrast in my work that is reminiscent of Pop art. The repetition of obsessive-compulsive patterning, especially leopard spots, is a stylistic tendency I emphasize in my work. In order to add three-dimensional qualities to my pieces I construct my works into multi-layered collages. The linocut portions of my pieces are meticulously carved, handprinted and then carefully sliced with a razor blade before being glued onto a silkscreen printed background. As I further investigate the possibilities of printmaking it is my goal to keep constructing edgy and quirky collages, while being conscientious of the traditional techniques associated with the processes of relief and silkscreen printing. "

Shipping: $20. Curbside/local pickup not available for this piece

  • Subject Matter: Blue cupcake on pink background
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