Richard Hassell

Screen II Limited Edition of 12

Screen II has a series of jagged tripods that are arranged on a complex branching structure. The staggered, spiraling shapes reminds me of the way dragons are depicted in Chinese decoration, and combined with the holes in the screens it is very similar to the classic motif of the dragon chasing the flying pearl. So my nickname for this screen is “The Red Dragon”.

Screen II is based on my old favourite - and first ecounter with space-filling curves - the Gosper Curve or the Flowsnake which was discovered in the 1970s. The motif is based on the underlying hexagons, and uses two tile designs. Using the same process as Screen I to transform the curve into a motif, here the holes are at the alternate hexagon vertices. Also like Screen I, it can be made in 3 dimensions with a single breezeblock with the two patterns on the front and back.

  • Archival Pigment print on Bamboo Awagami Washi paper
  • 118 x 84 cm
    (46.46 x 33.07 in)
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