Richard Hassell

Net III Limited Edition of 12

The Gosper Curve is one of the more famous space-filling curves due to being featured in Martin Gardner’s recreational mathematics columns in Scientific American magazine in the 1970s. Bill Gosper coined the name Flowsnake for it, as a pun on Snowflake. This net is based on the curve. Net III is based on two hexagonal prototiles. I had earlier worked out some 3-dimensional screens where there is a single tile front and back which form two different space-filling curves on the front and back of the screen. This design twists that front and back together, making something very complicated. Additionally, I wanted to have it end as a neat hexagon, so there is additionally manual “repairs” to get the single thread working with enforced perimeter condition - if I had followed the fractal snowflake perimeter it would have been much simpler. This design prompted me to add the beads as a way of enhancing the reading of the pattern, they add a variation in density which made the underlying patterns easier to detect.

  • Conservation Pigment Ink print on Bamboo Awagami Washi paper
  • 118 x 84 cm
    (46.46 x 33.07 in)
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