Richard Hassell

Net I Limited Edition of 12

This net is based on a space-filling curve and has a single knot design with slightly different shading in two versions, which correspond to the two prototiles.

What is interesting to me in this tiling is the dynamism of the net. There is really very little content in the image but it is the distribution of the elements which creates the interest. There are a few effects which appear at different distances. There is a vertical and horizontal movement through the rows. There are diagonals which appear to flow dynamically around the net.

After working out the net idea, I was interested to focus attention on the fact that it is actually a single thread that runs through the net, and in a very interesing path that wanders all over the net, despite it looking quite ordered. So I cut the thread and left the ends dangling as a start and end point, from which you can trace the whole path, only to end up where it starts.

  • Conservation Pigment Ink print on Bamboo Awagami Washi paper
  • 118 x 84 cm
    (46.46 x 33.07 in)
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