Richard Hassell

Impossible Jali II Limited Edition of 5

A Jali is the Indian traditional latticed screen, used to allow breezes and light into a space, or for the women in a harem to observe the outside world without being seen.

In the world of Strange Creatures, this Jali is used in the cell of a prison for corrupt mathematicians, who must face the outside world through this infuriating penal Rose Window.

This design is a double Penrose, or Penrose2 as it is a Penrose Tiling decorated with a Penrose Impossible Frame. Every single junction plays an impossible game, with the result that the frame twists incessantly.

Aperiodic and impossible, it has recently been ruled that this prison window constitutes extreme cruelty to the inmates and contravenes the Geneva Convention- it will be removed from all installations.

This version is made on a mirror polished aluminium disk, and reflects the room back through the impossible screen.

  • Pigment Print on Film on Mirror Dibond panel
  • 115 x 115 cm
    (45.28 x 45.28 in)
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