Richard Hassell

Cellular Chess II Limited Edition of 8

The Cellular Chess series prints are based on 5, 7, 9-fold geometry, and use a similar tile motif that assembles to create a pattern of a flowing, compressing and expanding checkerboard. Cellular Chess I is based on 7-fold geometry and uses 3 rhombi, Cellular Chess II is based on 9-fold geometry and has 4-rhombi, while Cellular Chess III uses the 5-fold geometry of the Penrose Tiles. It would be interesting to see what kind of chess game could be played on such a complex board. The gold version of the print has a circle of gold in each alternate cell.

  • Hand-applied Gilding on Conservation Pigment Ink print on Bamboo Awagami Washi paper
  • 118 x 84 cm
    (46.46 x 33.07 in)
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